Put UGC and partnerships on autopilot for your Shopify store.

Save time. Save money. Automate your content pipeline with pay-for-performance creator marketing.

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It's 2024, shouldn't working with creators be easy by now?

You could keep searching for creators, managing outreach, struggling with inauthentic UGC, reviewing and approving content, haggling over usage rights, draining your time and budget... or you could use Bounty.

The Bounty offer is the biggest converter for us to see videos.
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Discovery and activation on autopilot

Streamlined Discovery

New creators every month sourced just for you. Handpick on the ones you like and let Bounty handle the rest.

Effortless Activation

Recruit customers and creators through email, SMS, DMs, or directly on your website with invites flows and widgets.

Ongoing Engagement

Engage and re-engage your top creators to bring your partnership to a whole new level, all in one place.

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Control your own CPMs. Set your prices.

Control your own CPMs. Set your prices. With Bounty, you call the shots. Bounty pays creators for views generated in the first 48 hours. They can withdraw their funds after post approval and 15 days live.

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Never lose your content.

Performance is tracked with first party data and available for every post.

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Get instant usage rights.

Get instant usage rights for all content created through Bounty. Use the content anytime, anywhere, forever.

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Fully managed creator experience

Define your rules. Customize creative briefs at a store or product level.

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Customize your listing in our brand directory.

Exposure to 30,000+ shoppers who love creating content. Promote your offers and get featured.

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Forget about the boring stuff

FTC compliance, content approvals and taxes, we handle it all.

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Automate your UGC today.

Join top brands growing with Bounty.

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Get paid to post about your favorite brands!